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Via Saragozza


Bologna is world famous for being the city of arcades, almost all very old and with centuries of service to protect the Bolognesi (the inhabitants of Bologna) from rain and sun.
The itinerary that leads up to the San Luca sanctuary, in the stretch that starts from Porta Saragozza, boasts a record length of 3,796 meters with a single portico, including an elevated (and covered) crossing of the street at the Meloncello arch.

The arcades offer shelter from the weather and the sun, allowing you to walk the streets in any weather. In addition, they also constituted a means for the expansion of commercial and artisan activities, and made the ground floors more habitable, isolating them from the dirt and sewage of the streets.

Today you can still find many commercial activities under the portico of via Saragozza, amongst them many good restaurants, wine bars, brasserie and pubs. Students from the near faculty of engineering, professionals and residents of the district populate the arcades, chatting, having a coffee or apertivo, eating and having good time.


Orsi Vigneto San Vito, Sui Lieviti

A daily sparkling wine, which can enter our life on tiptoe. A humble and silent friend, an evergreen that cannot be missing in the fridge.

A "Pet Nat" with great acidity (Petillant Naturel - natural sparkling wine from fermentation on yeasts) produced with traditional grapes from the Bolognese hills. Federico Orsi proposes a wine that has always accompanied the Emilian and Bolognese gastronomy to balance its opulence and fatness, here interpreted in a biodynamic key to fully convey territoriality and character (the company is certified organic and biodynamic both in the vineyard and in the cellar but without affixing any stamp on the label), without filtration or clarification.

From a base of Grechetto Gentile (autochthonous varietal of the Colli Bolognesi also known as Pignoletto) fermented with its indigenous yeasts in concrete containers, the wine then referments in the bottle with a percentage of 5% of its must . 

Wine for a carefree evening with good company.

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Enrico Brizzi, Jack Frusciante è uscito dal gruppo

Bologna, 1992. Alex D., seventeen, well-educated son of the good bourgeoisie, decides to "leave the group", to break the mold, to make a "leap" out of the "circle that they have drawn around us". In a word, he is growing up. He does it through the desperate rides up the hills, the furious music of the Sex Pistols and the Hot Chili Peppers, the love of Adelaide, the suffering for the loss of a friend. Without sensational gestures, Alex turns his back on everything and to all, in the name of a free and happy present, of a very human request for authenticity. "Jack Frusciante is out of the group" is now a small contemporary classic, a book that has made the history of Italian publishing. In the pages of this manifesto-novel adopted by several generations of teenagers, a very young author recounted the bewilderment and ardor of the late adolescence: a fresh and intense story, narrated without filters by a new voice, capable of blending anger and irony.

A small Italian fresco on the passage from adolescence to adulthood.

December 2021

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