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Piazza del Baraccano


Piazza del Baraccano, datable to the mid-1940s, stands close to the last wall and therefore does not appear to be of very large proportions. However, it appears much more majestic than it really is thanks to the optical effect created by admiring it from the ancient vault located on Via Santo Stefano.

The Baraccano Monumental Complex is a set of historic buildings of a civil and religious nature located in an area of ​​the historic center of Bologna, overlooking the Margherita Gardens. The sanctuary of the Madonna del Baraccano and a series of civil buildings along via Santo Stefano and inside, on piazza del Baraccano, are part of the complex.

The Bolognese also call it the "Church of Peace" because it is a tradition that newlyweds go there on their wedding day to wish each other conjugal peace.

Today, unfortunately, the churchyard in front of the church is used as a parking lot, taking away the magic and atmosphere of the complex of Piazza del Baraccano.


Tenuta La Riva, Pinus Laetus


The passion for refermentation in the bottle and the desire to create wines that are the expression of the territory, the Colli Bolognesi, are the characteristics that distinguish this winery.

Born from Alberto's passion and stubbornness, Tenuta La Riva is a family business, where three generations are dedicated to their greatest love: the land.

Pinus Laetus is a sparkling wine from Pignoletto, the king vine of the Bolognese Hills, vinified in an elegant and refined way, ideal for any type of celebration and as an accompaniment to aperitifs.

Wine produced from a vineyard of about 2 hectares, located between 200 and 300 meters above sea level. The soil is clay mixed with sand and limestone.

Fermentation takes place in steel by inoculating selected yeasts. Bottling for the second fermentation takes place at the end of spring in the year following the harvest. The wine is disgorged a la volée no earlier than 24 months after bottling. Topping up is pas dosé, without adding sulfur dioxide.


Grazia Versani, Quo vadis Baby?

Giorgia Cantini is almost forty years old, is single, indulges in alcohol and is a private investigator. She is a woman of today, complex, contradictory, like there are many. She spends her nights listening to jazz in various clubs in Bologna, but above all she is tormented by the doubt that she wasted her life. She has a straight, stinging gaze that doesn't hide. This time the investigation that she is following forces her to dig into her past. It will be a shoebox full of letters that will change his life. The letters written by Ada, the "beautiful" sister, who left for the capital in search of fortune as an actress and ended up committing suicide sixteen years earlier. Giorgia, who is still tormented by remorse for not having been able to help her, decides to reopen the case, looking for her sister's lover whom she has never known and who was perhaps present in her last moments of life. From this novel the homonymous film by Gabriele Salvatores.

May 2023

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