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Via del Pratello

More than a street, it's a state of mind.

Via del Pratello is life on the street: it's a pop/funky/rock enclave in the heart of the bourgeois town center suffocated by showrooms and banks. At the Pratello there are no credit institutions, no boutiques or anything that in Bologna can be categorized under the term "fighetto". At Pratello there are only taverns, places where you can eat something local or multi-ethnic, and above all, you can drink.

In the seventies Radio Alice and the blue Angel film club were born in Pratello. Later it was the turn of the comedians of the Gran Pavese Varietà in the social space of the occupied houses, the street TV, the cinematographic and artistic experiments.

In short, the Pratello is today a social street in all respects, it's one of those hyper-places that never sleeps.

[from the book by Serena Bersani "Il giro di Bologna in 501 luoghi", Newton Compton Editori]


Caccianemici bioautoctona, Zenza

On the Bolognese Hills, full of history and tradition, Caccianemici produces natural wines, applying principles of biodynamic agriculture, in total respect of the cycles that nature imposes.

Zenza is a rosé wine obtained from Barbera 90% and Lambrusco Grasparossa 10% grapes.  Spontaneously fermentated in stainless steel tanks, not clarified, unfiltered, not chemically treated.

Pét-nat wine, with spontaneous refermentation in bottle by must addition.

Caccianemici is a project that brings back to our roots, aware that we have to start from there in order to look far.

Each vineyard, each grape variety, each wine is narration and discovery for the palate and the mind.

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Emidio Clementi, la notte del Pratello

Bologna, early nineties: Via del Pratello is a microcosm in itself, isolated and out of time. A real realm of precariousness, an open-air theater of the exploits of a small group of unforgettable characters who move between occupied houses, bars and buildings in ruins: Mimì, the narrator, who from San Benedetto del Tronto finds himself in a new fascinating reality, and Leo, his friend, guide and teacher of life, in the throes of a lucid madness. On board a ramshackle Ape, under the orders of Pietro Zaccardi, suspicious and diffident, with a hellish personality, Leo and Mimì spend their time clearing out the cellars and attics in half of Bologna. They are joined by friends and enemies, the multicolored humanity of Pratello.

Emidio Clementi, frontman, singer and bass player of the Bolognese band Massimo Volume, is also a talented writer.

November 2021

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