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Private Tastings

Here are some of the different thematic tastings we provide, both for small and large private groups. They represent a good introduction to the discovery of the wines of Bologna and Emilia-Romagna.

We can also offer different and personalized tastings. If you are interested in knowing more, write us an email:

Introduction to the Colli Bolognesi

The perfect start for everyone who is moving his first steps in the Colli Bolognesi wine area. Five different wines that will give you a comprehensive overview of the main grapes and styles.

Different shades of Lambrusco

Probably one of the most popular and underrated wines of Italy, the Lambrusco family is now taking a huge revenge with top quality products from the different varieties that have their homeland in Emilia. Five different  thrilling wines that will make you fall in love.

The battle of the bubbles

Emilia, land of motors and sparkling wines. A journey along the Via Emilia through five different sparkling wines, from Bologna to Piacenza. Pignoletto, lambrusco, spergola, barbera, malvasia trace an itinerary that has its roots in a history more than 2000 years old.

5 declinations of Pignoletto

Five different wines from the pale king of the hills of Bologna, now renamed Grechetto Gentile, but still Pignoletto for all the locals. Ancestrale, traditional method sparkling, still and orange. Wines that will surprise you.

The (un)forgotten grapes of Bologna

Alionza and Negretto above all. Forgotten and almost disappeared, recently saved by a handful of wise wine producers. Five different wines that will take you to a trip through the ages, both in white and red.

Wines of Romagna from Bologna

Where everything changes all of a sudden. Discover the eastern part of the Province of Bologna, where Emilia becomes Romagna and Pignoletto and Barbera become Albana and Sangiovese. Five different wines, five different declinations from the traditional method sparkling up to sweet late harvest, passing through red.

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