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Probably you are in Bologna for the art, for the museums and for the university.
For sure, you heard a lot about our famous food, but what do you really know about the wines of Bologna?

Either you are a wine lover, an expert or just curious to deepen your knowledege of Italian wines, BOLOGNA.WINE is what you are looking for. We will take you for a unique tour through the best wineries of the town centre, guided by a real local wine expert. From 2 up to 15 people will enjoy the fashionable experience of wandering from an osteria to a enoteca, like real Bolognesi. You will walk under the UNESCO world heritage porticoes and live the actual feel of Bologna. You will merge with the crowd of students, artists and professionals that love to enjoy the tasty life of this town. This is not a guided tour of Bologna, it's an engaging walk that will make you fall in love with the city and discover hidden places where you will taste the best and typical local wines from the Colli Bolognesi area explained by a real local wine expert. 

Remember, living life is all about turning points: BOLOGNA.WINE aims to be your turning point in the real wine experience. Choose the tour option that best suits you, you won't be disappointed.


You will love the real Bologna winelover experience.


Take a walk on the wine side

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