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Mercato delle Erbe

The Mercato delle Erbe is the largest covered market in the historic center of Bologna, where you can find fruit and vegetables, meat, cheese, cured meats, wines, fish and more. In 2014, the market was renewed, dedicating space to catering. Since the beginning of the century the market for herbs had been held in Piazza de' Marchi next to the church of San Francesco. In 1910, when the Municipality needed that space, the current covered market was built at the end of via Ugo Bassi. 
The Mercato delle Erbe in Bologna, in its current form, was designed in 1910 by Arturo Carpi and Luigi Mellucci. 
Reopened in 1949, after the heavy bombings during the Second World War, the Mercato delle Erbe changed its appearance, adapting to the surrounding area, which was in turn rebuilt.
The main entrance, from via S. Gervasio is placed in Ugo Bassi, together with the statue of the same name. After the renovation in 2014, the Market combines the traditional stalls and shops with restaurants, wine bars and meeting points, frequented by thousands of people, including tourists.


Floriano Cinti, Barbera

The Cinti winery grows its own quality grapes in compliance with the biological balance of the vineyard, through low yields per vine and a lower use of fertilizers and pesticides.

The vinification is classic in red with maceration and fermentation on the skins until the sugars are exhausted, at a temperature of around 25°. The refinement is in steel tanks, and the bottling is done no earlier than 12 months from the harvest of the grapes.

The wine is ruby ​​red with an elegant bouque with gentle and typical hints of red fruits. It is savory and vinous, the tannins are not aggressive and therefore persistently expresses a large and soft volume.

A red that from the very first sip reveals care, passion and respect for nature, characteristics that the cellar particularly cares about. Accompanying it with pasta with meat sauce, meat dishes and aged cheeses will always prove to be a good choice.


Emidio Clementi, L'Ultimo Dio

Mimì is a confused and insecure teenager, raised in a family where madness seems to have a fixed abode. The death of his father forces him to a sudden growth. But instead of taking responsibility for the family, Mimi decides to run away, looking elsewhere for a better destiny. The stray and adventurous movements begin without a penny in his pocket, until the arrival in Bologna. Here, in the kitchen of a restaurant where he works as an assistant cook, Mimì discovers a book, given to him by a client, which talks to him like never before and which finally shows him the way to appropriate his life and himself. An autobiographical coming-of-age novel that intertwines the story of the protagonist with those of the poet Emanuel Carnevali.

Emidio Clementi is best known as the voice of Massimo Volume, a seminal band for Italian rock, and a charismatic presence on the independent Italian music scene.

Originally from Ascoli Piceno, Clementi decides to move to Bologna immediately after high school to study Languages. Then, a period of wandering leads him to Sweden. Integration is difficult and Clementi suffers from linguistic isolation, which will become a strong theme in his texts. He therefore decides to go back to Bologna, this time participating in the historic occupation of via del Pratello. It is a particularly intense period, of human and artistic formation, which Clementi frescoes in his novel La notte del Pratello, a picaresque portrait of the last independent Bolognese reality.

February 2023

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