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Stadio Renato Dall'Ara

The Renato Dall'Ara stadium is the first Italian stadium built on a public initiative. It was designed as a multi-sports facility which included a six-lane running track, two swimming pools and four tennis courts.
Originally known as the "Littoriale", the construction of the stadium began in 1925 and its appearance, inspired by imperial Rome, follows the fascist style. King Vittorio Emanuele III was present at the inauguration in May 1927, followed, in October of the same year, by Mussolini. In 1983 the stadium was named in memory of Renato Dall'Ara (former president of Bologna) and, on the occasion of the Italy '90 World Cup, it was expanded and modernized.
Today the stadium, in addition to hosting sporting events and activities, is also the venue for numerous concerts.
The Renato Dall'Ara Stadium is the largest sports facility in the city of Bologna and is the first modern stadium built in Italy. Located in the Saragozza district, it hosts the home games of the Bologna Football Club.

The dimensions of the playing field are 105 x 68 meters, the oval-shaped structure can accommodate up to 36,000 seated spectators. 


Oro di Diamanti, Gaudium

From this organic farm in the Bolognese hills comes this award-winning sparkling Pignoletto-based wine of excellence. The moment of harvesting, the particular technique of pressing the grapes, its bubbles and its refinement of 36 months on its lees make this sparkling wine a wine of the highest quality and elegance.
This wine represents the excellence of traditional method sparkling Pignoletto production. 
The harvest takes place at the end of August manually in small crates with ventilation holes. After soft pressing of the grapes, fermentation takes place in steel barrels at controlled temperature. Golden yellow in color it gives off fruity and floral aromas and tasting notes of absolute freshness and elegance. Fine and persistent bubble. Pignoletto 100% from organic cultivation with integrated biodynamic methods.


Gianluca Morozzi, Forza Bologna

If your first game is a goalless match in Serie B against Empoli, you can only improve afterwards. If the first goal you see with your own eyes is disallowed for offside, it can only be better for you in the future. If the day you see a goal and they don't disallow it, but then your team loses, things certainly can't get any worse. Perhaps...

This book, dedicated from the first to the last page to the glorious red and blue - rossoblu - shirt, is the natural and necessary consequence of over thirty years of convinced, unwavering and blind support for Bologna. A tribute for those who experience football here and now, Sunday after Sunday, waiting to reach forty points to obtain yet another salvation, for those who proudly display the badges and cups of the past, for those who do not experience football with nostalgia jerseys from one to eleven and black and white images, for those who rejoice at forty for a goal by Diamanti as they rejoiced in eighth grade for a goal by Lorenzo Marronaro. For those who are fans of Bologna, first of all, but also for those who love any football team. Because we're all the same, albeit with different scarves... at least until that damned ball rolls into the goal.

March 2023

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