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Piazza Santo Stefano


Piazza Santo Stefano is one of the most symbolic places of Bologna. It's commonly considered a square, although it is actually a widening originating from Via Santo Stefano and leading to the homonymous complex, also known as "Seven Churches": in fact the name "Piazza Santo Stefano" does not appear in the city street map, although it is commonly used by the Bolognese.

It is one of the characteristic views of the historic center of Bologna. Coming from the Two Towers, the opposite side of the square is closed by the complex of the Basilica of Santo Stefano.

The square, often used for cultural events and concerts, is surrounded by ancient important buildings. Looking at the Basilica, on the left we have the complex of Isolani palaces made up of the former Lupari and Bolognini palaces, purchased and united at different times by the Isolani family. On the right, on the other hand, is the Palazzo Bolognini Amorini Salina, famous for its frieze with terracotta heads, and a row of merchant houses from the 15th century, which at various times belonged to the Beccadelli, then Bovi and Tacconi families. From the left side it is possible to reach Strada Maggiore through the Corte Isolani passage.

This is one of the most loved places in town for aperitivo, since a lot of crowded top restaurants and wine bars overlook the square and make it lively 24/7.



Azienda agricola La Mancina, Pignoletto Terre di Montebudello

Montebudello is a tiny village on the top of a hill, located two and a half kilometers from the center of Monteveglio.

This wine has been strongly desired by Francesca Zanetti, now at the helm of the family farm, La Mancina. Tenacious and determined, Francesca firmly believes in the identity of the territory, that finally finds its paradigm in this pignoletto. No longer the typical sparkling white that has always accompanied the typical fried crescentine with salami, but an elegant and structured wine, which makes refinement and persistence a strong point. A true gastronomic wine, the ideal match for a plate of tortellini.

In favorable years, the Pignoletto Classico Superiore DOCG can easily go on to several years of aging.

The work done upstream can be seen by looking at the glass, where the almost golden yellow hues take the place of the more usual pale yellow green ones.

The aroma overwhelms you with tales of saffron, butter, honey and beeswax that duet with peach and hawthorn, spread over a carpet of aromatic herbs, sage and thyme. Very fine texture, elegant and material, with a long fresh finish of bitter almond. Fat and opulent, it immediately calls for a new sip.


Carlo Lucarelli, Almost Blue


A blind boy listens to the voices and noises of the city with his scanner, his only company is Almost Blue played by Chet Baker. A murderer reincarnates in his victims, and runs through the streets with the most metallic rock in his ears. A very determined young detective discovers that she is a woman, in a universe of men.

Nobody wants to admit it, but in Bologna there is a serial killer: it is the Iguana, who takes the identity of his victims from time to time, to escape the "bells of hell" that ring in his ears. It is up to Grazia to try to catch him, and instead of the sophisticated technologies she uses, she will need the intuition and listening skills of that boy,  Simone, blind from birth.

While hunter and prey continually exchange roles, we see the scene now with the attentive and anxious eyes of Grazia, now with the feverish and painful gaze of the Iguana, or we perceive it as a concert of sounds and voices, when the subjective is by Simone.

The city that thus takes shape before our eyes, a dense network of plots and obsessions, is at the same time the surprising Italian megalopolis that extends over the whole of Emilia, and also the magical theater where all stories can happen. A nervous and flawless thriller, a story of love and loneliness, a writing that knows how to dose emotional tension and twists.

Carlo Lucarelli, born in Parma, is an established mystery writer, and lives between the provinces of Bologna and San Marino.

March 2022

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